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Florida PPO dental insurance with NO WAITING PERIOD FOR MANY PROCEDURES.


Everyone calls and asks for a PPO dental plan. It is the one your dentist told you to buy. Well, I finally have a PPO dental plan (PPO Type to be accurate) to offer you.

Plan Highlights:

- There is a large national PPO network.
- You can go out of network and still have your work covered at a 90th Percentile rate (this is actually a big deal and I will explain it shortly)
- Some major procedures are covered without a waiting period (also a big deal that I will explain in a moment)
- The waiting period for major procedures that are not covered is 6 months instead of the typical 12 month wait.
- Preventative work like x-rays and cleanings are covered 100% with no wait, no deductible and do not count towards your maximum annual allowance.

Now that you are all excited, let me give some details.

*NOTE: This plan uses the United Concordia Advantage Plus network. That means that if your provider is in the network, they should (must) accept the negotiated network rate. Otherwise, the plan pays usual and customary.

If the provider calls for a claim they will see you are in the plan and so forth. Possibly because we offer this plan for less than the carrier offers it directly, they will not use the word PPO over the phone.

Techinically speaking, this is a PPO-Style plan. But, if a plan is going to pay 50% of a root canal for example, based on the negotiated "PPO network" rate, what would you call it? Yeah, me too. I would think of it as a PPO.

I just wanted to let you know. We always try to be as honest as possible and provide full disclosure. That is why I keep saying PPO TYPE. It is exactly like all the other group PPO dental plans we sell. No difference.

This is the best dental plan I have every been able to sell. I sell PPO plans from most major carriers (you would recognize all the names if I listed them), and this "PPO Style" plan beats everything else I have.

In Network and Out of Network Providers

You can check to see if your dentist is in the network. If he or she is, then you are entitled to the special network pricing for all services. They cannot charge you anything they feel like.

Use this Dental Network link(CLICK ON IT) to check for your dentist or a dentist near you. When they ask for the network, put in Concordia Advantage Plus.

If the dentist is not in the network, you are still eligible for coverage. The difference is that the dentist (or you) will be paid at the Usual, Reasonable and Customary rates that are in the 90th percentile. This means it is the rate that 90% of the dentists in your are would charge for the work. If your dentists charges more, they are very expensive.

What is Covered and When

Every other plan Florida PPO dental insurance plan has a waiting period for anything other than preventative work. This plan will cover a lot of procedures with no wait at all. It will make you wait 6 months for a crown but will cover the root canal right away.

There is no deductible for preventative work (x-rays, cleanings) and it does not count towards your annual maximum allowance.

Obtain More Information and Apply Online

You can download an Adobe pdf file with some information by clicking on this Florida PPO Dental Plan Information link.

To Apply: You can call me and I will enroll you. It takes about 5 minutes OR you can enroll directly online by clicking on the Florida PPO Dental Insurance Enrollment link

If you need to contact us, our number is 800-272-0512

In addition, we offer other types of dental plans:

1. Discount Fee For Service - These are essentially discount plans and you pay the discounted rate for all services. Some plans offer free cleanings and exams. If your dentist is in the network, these low cost plans can save you a lot of money with very low monthly premiums.

2. Florida Group Dental Insurance - If you want a true group PPO dental plan with a national PPO dental network, we do have plans available.

Discounted Fee For Service Dental Plan - These are discount dental plan. You go to one of the providers in the network and you pay a reduced fee. Just put your zip code in the following box and it will return a number of plans in your area. You can sign up directly online.

Sign Up Now and receive an additional 3 Months of Coverage FREE! Sign Up Now and receive an additional 3 Months of Coverage FREE!
Sign Up Now and receive an additional 3 Months of Coverage FREE!
Sign Up Now and receive an additional 3 Months of Coverage FREE!



florida group dental insuranceFlorida Group Dental Plans

Any of the plans that we offer on an individual basis can be purchased by groups. They can be voluntary where the employer does not make any contribution at all. Or, they can be employer partially or fully paid by the employer.

We can set up a variety of billing methods that include premium only spending accounts so employees can pay for the insurance with pre-tax money. You can even mix and match different types of plans.

Also, if you have a group of 5 or more employees or an association, we can offer you the absolute lowest cost on group PPO plans.

For Florida group dental insurance information click on the link.


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