Florida Health Insurance for Diabetics

health insurance for diabetics

health insurance for diabeticsHow to Obtain Health Insurance with Diabetes

If you are a diabetic, obtaining health insurance is a task with a degree of difficulty that ranges from simple to impossible, depending on what state you live in.

If you are in a guaranteed issue state like New York or New Jersey, or live in a state that maintains a "pool" for uninsurable applicants, then obtaining a health insurance policy on your own is simple.

However, if you live in Florida or most other states, health insurance is not guaranteed and you will have one hell of a time finding it. We can help

If you are well controlled with diet and exercise or oral medication, are not overweight and have no other medical issues, I might be able to write a traditional major medical plan.

Otherwise, I must use a limited benefit medical plan.

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Medical Insurance Plans for Diabetics

Group Health Insurance - If you are employed, or your spouse is employed, then you might be eligible to join a group health insurance plan. Group health insurance is guaranteed issue. This means that you cannot be denied full coverage. The downside is that if you are not the employee, it might be expensive to put you on the plan.

In Florida, you can obtain a group of one plan for self-employed individuals during the month of August.

Private Health Insurance - Obtaining your own health insurance in a non-guaranteed issue state is very difficult. Most carriers (almost all carriers) do not want anything to do with you.

A few carriers will consider a well controlled, type II diabetic who controls their disease with diet, exercise and/or oral medication. They do not want to see you overweight or have other significant medical issues. If you live in Florida, Ohio or Texas, I can possible help you with such a plan.

If you are currently on insulin, overweight or certain other medical issues along with your diabetes, private health insurance in most states is not an option.

Mini Medical Health Plans - A traditional PPO health insurance plan would have a deductible and coinsurance and then unlimited coverage. There are no limits on your daily hospital bill or surgical costs.

A mini-medical plan has limited doctor co-pays, limited prescription co-pays, it covers hospital stays at daily fixed rate, etc. However, the plan has some specific limitation. It is not the same as major medical. However, it can provide for the medical needs of most individuals.

Our best limited benefit plans will pay out up to $1,500 a day for hospitalization. They also have payouts for office visits, lab tests and prescriptions. However, they will not cover diabetic testing supplies.

Stacking the Plans

With many individuals it is not a question of cost. Rather, it is a question of availability. I can often combine plans of this type so that you have a much higher benefit. The combined benefit will handle most hospital stays.

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