Low Cost Florida Health Insurance

Low Cost Florida health insurance plans

Low-cost health insurance for Florida residents – Stop Waiting for Congress (they already screwed you)

Are you still going to wait for Congress to provide health insurance? Do you really think complete, low-cost health insurance coverage will magically appear? I assume you already know that our country is broke and printing worthless dollars as fast as we can (when we are not borrowing money from China). Low cost health insurance for all is NOT on the horizon.

YOU CAN GET LOW COST HEALTH INSURANCE NOW (read cheap Florida health insurance), if you know what to look for. I will show you how.

I think we should start with some ground rules.

  1. Health insurance, like any insurance, is there to reduce your financial risk in case something bad happens. If you want health insurance that has virtually no deductible and covers everything with minimal premiums – run for Congress. Their plans are the best and the taxpayer pays for them.

  2. Life insurance is for the living. I cannot take out a life insurance policy on my long deceased grandfather. Fire insurance is for a house that has not already caught fire. Health insurance is to protect you in case of a future serious health problem. You do not have to be perfectly healthy to get health insurance, but if you have major (read expensive) problems, they will not give you health insurance. You need to think about insurance before you need it, not after you need it.

If you read through any of our web sites you will soon find out that we do not believe in low deductible health insurance plans. They are very expensive (unless you are 20 years old) and very few people ever meet their deductible – even low deductibles.

Why do you say that high deductibles are a better alternative?

It means that typically, a plan with a $5,000 deductible is your best buy. If something does happen to you and you have a major illness, you will have to come up with the money. But, if you want a $1,000 deductible, you will pay a lot more each and every month regardless of your health.  Let me illustrate.

A typical major medical PPO plan with a $1,000 deductible for a 40 year old male in Miami is $315 a month. Raise the deductible to $5,000 and it is $159 a month. That means nearly $1,900 a year more in premium. Keep in mind that this was written some time ago. The new healthcare legislation has caused premiums to go up.

After 25 months, you would have paid out the difference in the deductibles. What are the chances that if you are healthy now you will remain so for the next two years? Actually, they are pretty good.

But you might not feel comfortable with this deductible. You are worried that if you go into a hospital the $4,000 extra out of pocket will really be difficult to pay. Fine, buy a simple supplement for thirty to forty bucks a month. This supplement will pay up to $2,000 for a hospital stay depending on length of stay.

What about doctor visits?

Even the high deductible plan has a co-pay for both prescriptions and doctor visits. Plus, you do not have to meet any deductible to take advantage of these benefits. Let me say that again. The deductible has nothing to do with going to the doctor or getting a prescription.

I am sorry if you used to have the greatest health insurance in the world. I did too at one time. But you need to get over it. Having coverage, regardless of the deductible will give you access to better health care than the uninsured. You will live a longer, healthier life.

A side note on this topic. We do have high deductible plans where nothing is covered until you meet your deductible. These are very complete and relatively inexpensive plans. You still get the PPO negotiated rate (discounted rate) for office visits and prescriptions. But you will pay out of pocket until you meet your deductible. If you are on a budget (a foolish statement, everyone is on a budget), this is a good alternative.

I never use my health insurance

It really sucks having to spend money on health insurance rather than yourself. But, be thankful that you are healthy enough to get health insurance.

Please do not complain to me to me that you have never had to put in a claim of any significance. That is like complaining that you never had to use your life insurance. Only an idiot would be annoyed at paying premiums and never really getting to use their health insurance. But, I still hear it every day.

Repeat after me: "I hope I pay premiums my whole life and never need to use my health insurance."

What Can I Do to Lower Premiums?

Personally, I do not care how you live your life. I am a live and let live type of guy. But, if you want lower premiums:

  1. Do not smoke. If you do you will pay significantly more because there is a much better chance you will get cancer or have a heart attack. You know it and I know it. Want a miserable, long, painful death? Try lung cancer.

  2. Lose weight. Again, I do not care if you greater horizontally than vertically. But if you are overweight you will either pay more or not be able to get health insurance at all. Are you listening Michael Moore?

  3. Get a checkup every now and then. If you have a condition that is well controlled, your premiums might be lower. You might also live a few years more – if you want to.

  4. Do not drink and drive. First of all you might kill someone. Second, a DUI will either raise your rates or eliminate your chance of getting health insurance.

  5. If you do not feel well, see a physician. Try to stay out of the emergency room. They often will do tests you really do not need that scare the heck out of the insurance company. It is great that the pepperoni pizza you ate at 2 AM only gave you heart burn, and it really was not a heart attack. But, now that they did an angiogram, you will no longer be insurable.

One more thing I need to mention. If the insurance company is going to come to your home for a paramedical exam, and they rarely do, make sure you follow instructions. Do not eat before a blood test. They are looking at your blood sugar. Also, lay off the drugs and the booze for a few days.

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